Thursday, 30th of September // 11 AM PT
5 Steps You
Can Take to Monetize Vulnerability Management

Get actionable insights into monetizing vulnerability management. 

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Join us on September 30th, at 11AM PT to learn how to monetize Vulnerability Management

Analyst project companies will spend 14% more year-over-year on managed security services, rising to $58 billion by 2024.  The increasing number of attacks, coupled with the sheer complexity of remediation options, pose a challenge for even the most hardened MSP.   With great risks come great rewards, which means the use of Vulnerability Management tools is becoming increasingly attractive to MSPs wanting to add SECURITY to their standard offering. 

Hear from a former white hat pen-test and Vulnerability Management expert, Cristian Sandescu (CEO/CODA), and a former MSSP founder and cybersecurity architect, Greg Naderi (CPO/CODA), on how you can make money and increase your profitability by embedding Vulnerability Management into your service offering. 


The agenda includes:

Why the survival of your business depends on Vulnerability Management?


Five (5) steps you can take to monetize Vulnerability Management


How can CODA help you set up Vulnerability Management-as-a-Service?


Meet the webinar

Emilia Clarke
Greg Naderi - Chief Product Officer, CODA Intelligence
Emilia Clarke
Chris Sandescu - CEO, CODA Intelligence
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Emilia Clarke
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