Vulnerability Detection & Remediation

Get the Vulnerability Detection & Remediation capabilities you need with CODA Footprint​

We have your back through continuous vulnerability management, patch management & configuration hardening, compliance reporting, and remediation tracking. Breathe easy knowing your security is handled by the experts.

Real-time Vulnerability Detection

CODA Footprint applies industry best practices so you can understand your risk exposure and identify a path for remediation.

CODA Footprint empowers you with automatic detection & response: discover, assess, prioritize, and patch your most critical vulnerabilities first.

With real-time detection from our cloud-based platform, you’ll find Footprints’ ease of use to be refreshing and efficient.


Contextual Risk Scoring
Intuitive and flexible deployment options
Unparalleled visibility using both agentless, agent-based approaches
Simple licensing model (SaaS, pay as you grow)
Integration with ticketing systems through our APIs
A single-pane-of-glass feature set

Responsive support team and White-glove onboarding

Crisp and Digestible interface and reporting

Threat Prevention

CODA Footprint will pinpoint your critical assets by automatically analyzing and correlating external threats using your asset inventory.

Our database is constantly updated, so you will always know which threats are relevant to your organization with the ability to view them in a live feed.

CODA Footprint will aggregate your most relevant data and display it in an easy-to-manage dashboard Your views are customizable to give you the look and feel you need. CODA Footprint’s dashboard search function allows you to narrow down specific assets and vulnerabilities with sorting and filtering functionality.

Continuous Monitoring

With CODA Footprint, you can customize alerts through an intuitive interface and will be notified of critical threats and issues in real-time.

Don’t get spooked by false positives any longer. Use alert suppression to ensure your team is only fielding alerts that matter.

CODA Footprint’s alerting interface will allow for your team to set up escalation paths for each alert, so each team member only receives and responds to alerts that are relevant to their role. You can also tie Footprint’s alerts into your ticketing system through our API.

Altert Types

Unexpected Hosts or Applications
Expiring or misconfigured SSL Certificates

Default or weak 

Critical OWASP Top 10 Vulnerabilities
Improperly configured network security controls
Improper configurations of network-exposed services

Patch Management & Configuration Hardening

CODA Footprint’s Action Plans will help you remediate vulnerabilities by patching systems and applying configuration hardening easily and efficiently.

Use a single, automated platform to discover, prioritize, and perform remediation quickly and effectively. Detect missing patches and deploy them to your assets remotely or through the cloud. CODA Footprint will also help you generate patching reports across your entire infrastructure and applications stack.

Track your deployed patches and configuration changes in real-time or through on-demand reports. No more waiting for a weekly summary!

See for yourself how CODA Footprint can help you reduce your attack surface in minutes

Explore how CODA Footprint can help you streamline your cybersecurity operations and compliance efforts, by offering you accurate, realtime, risk insights into your organization’s security posture allowing you to focus on that one action that would make your organization a harder target.