Footprint automates cyber risk assurance for Managed Service Providers.

It automates the vulnerability detection and provides contextual risk scoring within the specific context of a company by employing machine learning techniques to fully automate this workflow. Today, Managed Service Providers use dedicated cyber professional teams to properly identify, deploy vulnerability scanners in the cloud or on customer premises, prepare and schedule scanning jobs, process results, and prepare reports. 

Based on our 15 years of field experience we’ve automated this process to the level where your customers can access relevant insights of their Cyber Footprint within seconds, a draft Vulnerability Report in minutes, and a complete one within hours from the moment they access the platform. 

We’ve made it easy for non-technical Business Executives to understand the business risk associated with an existing vulnerability or configuration error by automatically grouping digital assets such as PCs, network devices, physical and virtual machines, and assigning contextual risk scores calculated by our AI. 

Agentless or agent-based Threat Intelligence Platform

We deploy agentless (black box uncredentialed scans on top of the TCP/IP stack), agent-based (lightweight software components which are deployed on top of the OS providing white box scans) or hybrid sensors both on-premise and in the cloud to correlate data from multiple postures, allow for fast, flexible and easy deployments and accelerate results. All our sensors run jobs automatically 24×7 in order to identify any potential change within the Customer’s infrastructure, while Cortex, our Threat Intelligence database is doing that to identify and correlate global threats and attacker vulnerabilities in the wild, outside Customer premises. 

The platform comprises the Footprint Instance (Cloud-based), the Sensors, and the Cortex (which is a global hosted service providing updates to the product, including attack avenues, risk definitions, vulnerability data, etc.). The Footprint Instance itself is composed of the Customer Vulnerability Management Portal (end-user facing) and an MSP Console managing the MSP backend processes such as sales, presales, tech support, and finance. The architecture is built on micro-services and is cloud-agnostic.

Using Footprint to deliver Managed Services in line with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

CODA Footprint automatically identifies software, hardware, and business assets and correlates them using proprietary algorithms.

Asset Management
Business Environment
Risk Assessment
Risk Management Strategy
Supply Chain Risk Management
Footprint automatically identifies and recommends missing cybersecurity controls.

Identity Management & Access Control
Awareness and Training
Data Security
Information Protection Processes & Procedures
Protective Technology

Recovery planning, Improvements, and Communication functionalities.

Anomalies and Events
Continuous Security Monitoring
Detection Processes

Footprint works with anomalies and events, provides continuous security monitoring, and supports the detection process.

Response Planning

CODA Footprint supports its users to provide response planning, analysis, mitigation, improvements, and communication services.

Recovery Planning

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