CODA Footprint is a cloud-agnostic vulnerability management solution designed for MSPs

Take costs and complexities out of your services. By automating and scaling Vulnerability Management Services, Managed Services Providers can drive their business while offering customers actionable security insights into compliance & cybersecurity risks.

Partner Tiers

CODA Footprint can be leveraged by a wide range of MSPs. Regardless of how advanced your technology or cybersecurity expertise is, your company can choose between:

Tier One
MSPs with little cybersecurity capabilities, looking to provide security services to their customers.
Tier Two
MSPs with strong technical knowledge, looking to increase ROI and grow business in the managed security space.
Tier Three
Large MSPs/CSPs with a strong focus on enabling Tier 1 & 2 partners scale & grow their cloud & cyber practices.

Drive more revenue with CODA Footprint

Besides the three tiers offered to our MSPs, we also enable multiple revenue streams for them.

Generate New Business
Become one of our tiered partners and earn up to 40% margins on product sales.

Add your value-added services on-top of Footprint.

Get more customers online by using our demo and trial features to acquire new clients.
Deliver More Services
Footprint creates the business case for new customers.

Leverage Footprint to deliver fully managed VRM services to your Customers.

Smoothly upgrade your team’s cyber skills with CODA as part of our Partner Enablement Program.
Generate Cloud Consumption
All cloud consumption will be reported under your name.

Be it AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud or any other public or private cloud of your choice.

You can also run it in CODA’s Cloud in the US, if you prefer a fully managed instance.
Upsell / Cross-Sell Security Products
Increase Customer awareness allows you to deliver more Professional and/or Managed services towards them.

Ability to drive online sales through our Funnel uniquely positions you towards new potential Customers on your entire service portfolio.

More than a High Performance Threat Intelligence Solution

CODA can provide our partners with a Customer Success (Enablement) process designed to help you successfully market and sell your white-label VM managed solution and services by using email templates and resources you can use throughout the sales process. We have materials to help you to attract new visitors to your website, convert them into leads, close them into clients, and grow your revenue.

Our Partner Enablement Kit covers:

  • Platform documentation (installation, maintenance, support)
  • Positioning and Unique Selling Points (why is CODA Footprint what your customers need, features and benefits)
  • Marketing and Sales Materials (social media posts, infographics, sales presentations, one pagers etc.).

See for yourself what
CODA Footprint can do to accelerate your business growth

Explore how CODA Footprint can streamline your cybersecurity-related operations, enhance productivity and efficiency across the entire business so you can become more profitable.