Which of your Endpoints, Servers, Network Devices or Applications are up next for a cyberattack?

Get your free remediation plan based on your current security posture and threat exposure with CODA Footprint

We understand you are concerned about a breach occurring on your watch. CODA Footprint will ensure you are aware of any vulnerabilities that may expose you to a cyber attack and help you perform prioritized guided remediation based on real life exploitation as well as business context to help you keep your environment secure.

AI-Driven Scanning for Real-Time Risk Detection

360 Degree Security Visibility

Assisted Asset Discovery

Simply select an initial set of entry points such as IPs, URL’s, Email Addresses, or DNS Entries. Footprint will then expand those to discover any related assets and assist you in refining your exposed attack surface.

Proactively Detect Vulnerabilities

Most of your critical vulnerabilities may not have CVEs assigned. Footprint will scan all your devices no matter where they are: at home, in the corporate network, datacenter or cloud. It will then create a virtual baseline of your organization based on your own tags and apps.

Prioritized Remediations

Most critical vulnerabilities are not critical in fact. You will receive automated, easy-to-consume alerts & reports which prioritize threats to your network based on your Business, Technical and Threat Intelligence context.

Continuous Monitoring

Footprint will continuously scan your assets based on a dynamic schedule to identify new threats and help you track changes as well as mitigation results.

Vulnerability Management and Risk Insights

Identify Critical Security Risks and Vulnerabilities

  • Evaluate Your Threat Exposure and Attack Surface
  • Bridge Business Expectations with Cybersecurity Operations
  • Identify Unknown Assets and Rogue Devices
  • Improve Operational Efficiency with Continuous Monitoring
  • Track Mitigation and Remediation Efforts
Rest Assured with FootPrint

We have your back with easy setup and proactive vulnerability detection

Ease of Use
You don't need to be a hero to set up and use Footprint. It takes 3 clicks to start a scan, and in 2 minutes you can get the first results.
Peace of Mind
Through continuous monitoring and proactive alerting, Footprint will ensure your infrastructure, applications and users are safe from inside and outside threats.
We value your time
Footprint learns from your environment, actions as well as from the outside world through our collective Threat Intelligence system (Cortex).
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