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Are you skeptical about moving to the Cloud ?

Use CODA Footprint to identify, analyze & understand the risks in the cloud vs the risks you’re having on-prem.

Are you already in the cloud? Use Footprint to monitor the security and measure compliance of your cloud providers.

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Proactively manage cyber security exposure in your own datacenters with Footprint – get real, actionable insights into your vulnerability and risk exposure from collective data threat intelligence feed correlated to your specific on-premise IT assets by our AI engine.

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CODA Footprint is able to detect and report vulnerabilities on your web applications no matter where they’re hosted and how they’re developed.

We even allow your experts to define custom attack payloads to test them continuously against industry standards such as OWASP.


Asset Management

Automatically discovers and maps new assets connected to the network

Assets may be on-premises or in the cloud

Asset coverage: web apps, endpoints, operating systems, running services & applications, servers, IoT/OT devices, mobile and network devices

Vulnerability Evaluation

Agentless and agent-based scans

Remote or local scans

Blackbox or whitebox scans

Scan applications during their design/planning/build phase

Identify published or unpublished vulnerabilities and weaknesses (CVE, CWE)

Define custom pentest payloads for webapps

Patch Prioritization

AI-Engine for Contextual Risk Scoring

Detailed actionable recommendations

Threat Intelligence

Business impact modeling for Risk Management and Decision Making

Technical context evaluation

Reporting Capabilities

Live Dashboards

Detailed Vulnerability Assessment & Compliance Reports

Full events history for investigations and forensics

Vendor risk monitoring & reporting

SOC Integration

Continuous Monitoring

Push Notifications & Real Time Alerts

SLA & Uptime Monitoring

Solution Usage

Cloud agnostic

Fully available on-prem or in-cloud

Easy to deploy - no hardware required, zero-touch on existing infrastructure/apps

Easy to setup - no prior knowledge required

Easy to understand

Dedicated Views for key stakeholders

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