// Product Overview​

Footprint is an AI-driven, cloud-agnostic Vulnerability Management platform designed to make cybersecurity Accessible, Affordable, and Actionable for every business.​

Small and Medium Businesses are struggling a lot with their cyber security defense, especially these days. They are an easy prey for attackers which are increasingly targeting them. We’ve used human and artificial intelligence to build CODA Footprint, a platform which is easy to use to protect customers against attackers. 

Vulnerability Management Solution Operating under the NIST Cybersecurity Framework

CODA Footprint automatically identifies software, hardware, and business assets and correlates them using proprietary algorithms.

Asset Management
Business Environment
Risk Assessment
Risk Management Strategy
Supply Chain Risk Management
Footprint automatically identifies and recommends missing cybersecurity controls.

Identity Management & Access Control
Awareness and Training
Data Security
Information Protection Processes & Procedures
Protective Technology

Recovery planning, Improvements, and Communication functionalities.

Anomalies and Events
Continuous Security Monitoring
Detection Processes

Footprint works with anomalies and events, provides continuous security monitoring, and supports the detection process.

Response Planning

CODA Footprint supports its users to provide response planning, analysis, mitigation, improvements, and communication services.

Recovery Planning

How it works

Coda Footprint assembles a virtual network map of your digital infrastructure using both internal and external perspectives and scanning techniques.

Using both agentless and agent-based techniques the platform learns about digital assets in your organization and alerts you when the company is at risk.


The platform discovers and continuously monitors your IT assets such as desktops, laptops, servers, network & IoT devices, and applications for new and existing threats.


The assets are automatically grouped into Technical and Business Contexts based on their role. You can also change this to better reflect your structure and also change their business impact which is immediately reflected in their risk profile.


Risk metrics are organized into a fully automated, real-time Vulnerability Report which is updated as your digital footprint changes or new vulnerabilities arise.


Real risk prioritization takes into consideration the affected asset, the difficulty of exploitation, and the potential damage of successful exploitation in terms of data availability, integrity, and confidentiality.


The Vulnerability Report is available immediately after you start using CODA Footprint and continues to get richer over time as you increase your implementation maturity.

Revolutionary road for a fully automated comprehensive cyber risk report

Once in the platform, end-users get access to a fully automated comprehensive cyber risk report which is already translated for business executives, while providing transparency into their actual vulnerability metrics and attack avenues. This usually took at least a couple of days and a couple more man-days of work, before Footprint. 


The CODA Footprint platform is continuously monitoring and detecting both internal and external customer digital assets no matter where they’re hosted on the planet and performs real-time correlations with known and unknown vulnerabilities and configuration errors. 

Footprint helps castaway drawbacks like dedicated teams of cyber security professionals , or 24×7 working to keep up with all changes and emerging threats

CODA Footprint is a perfect match for MSPs

We are going to market through our partners which are the Managed Service Providers (MSP). If you’re an MSP you can brand it, host it in any cloud and properly package it within your service portfolio. Through the automations deployed in CODA Footprint, we enable your MSP to add new revenue streams without investing in new cybersecurity  staff while increasing your impact by focusing on critical activities and remediation services.

The Footprint MSP console covers dedicated capabilities to support all your backend processes, from Sales and Finance to Delivery and Support

Our platform provides a single point of truth for both you and your customers and allows you to properly prioritize the most appropriate remediation solutions such as MDR/EDR, SOC/SIEM, DLP, 2FA and others in the specific context of each customer.

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