Five Ways CODA Footprint Helps You Master Cybersecurity

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The Footprint automated AI engine provides state-of-the-art vulnerability detection and continuous assessment of your clients’ security posture. That means you are always in the know and can stay ahead of potential threats.


Footprint identifies known and unknown assets present in the network and sends immediate alerts, or periodic updates of critical threats and new vulnerabilities. You can now keep your finger on the pulse and not get hit by blind spots.


Supervised AI machine learning does the thinking for you—Footprint accurately identifies, rates and prioritizes the riskiest exposed assets in each client’s environment. The platform then issues recommendations to prevent potential cyber-attacks. This removes the guesswork and allows you to focus on mission-critical assets first.


CODA Footprint Action Plans help remediate vulnerabilities quickly by patching systems and applying configuration hardening easily and efficiently. You’re not left guessing if your patches were applied, and you can get your client back to running what they know best- their business.


Footprint monitors client assets for lapses in compliance and notifies you so that you can reduce risk and exposure to your client, thus enabling you to meet not only cyber-hygiene best-practices but also compliance mandates. Automated customer vulnerability reports support historical, trend, and compliance tracking, as well as deep forensics intelligence.

Want to Master your Client’s Cybersecurity Posture?