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Automating and Scaling Vulnerability Management Services for Managed Services Providers (MSP) – 360 degree Vulnerability Management Product

Footprint is an AI-driven, cloud-agnostic Vulnerability Management platform designed to make cybersecurity Accessible, Affordable, and Actionable for every business. Footprint enables you to deliver actionable risk insights, remediation solutions, and results all in one place, with its built-in automation and integrations with zero upfront investment and engineering overhead.

Bridge business expectations with cyber security operations

Improve operational efficiency through automation and continuous monitoring

Consolidate Risk and Compliance Management

Evaluate your threat exposure and current attack surface

Identify known and unknown assets present in the network

Widen your visibility into assets and track their evolution

See for yourself what Footprint
can do to accelerate your business growth

Explore how Footprint can streamline your cybersecurity-related operations, enhance productivity and efficiency across the entire business so you can become more profitable.