Everything we do around the CODA Footprint solution is centered on our mission to make cybersecurity available to every business. Due to the lack of human and financial resources for comprehensive cybersecurity, more and more companies become the favorite target of cybercriminals. We are here to change the enterprise-level cybersecurity status quo, making it Accessible, Affordable, and Actionable for businesses of all sizes.

4 Easy Steps to Start Protect Your Business Against Cybercrime


The process is automated through a continuous discovery from all our sensors, so that very little or no intervention is required from end-users in the process.


Choosing the right scanners, deploying them, configuring the scan policies, and running the scans. We’ve automated all of it except for deployment, where end-users or MSP engineers still need to do some work. But we made sure it is as easy as it could be. Therefore we significantly reduced times, in some cases even by days for a single branch, by allowing hybrid agent-based and agentless deployments to be done on existing customer infrastructure without the need to ship any appliances or deploy complex solutions within data centers or clouds.


Understanding and interpreting the results and putting them together in a report that makes sense for the decision-makers. Our AI automatically computes all potential risk scenarios by adding technical, business, and cyber metrics together, exactly like a seasoned consultant would, in just seconds instead of hours or days.

Continuous Monitoring

It is the most exciting part which allows CODA Footprint to recalculate everything anytime anything changes, either internally or externally. And this was not possible before. Provisioning and fulfilling a customer's consulting mission usually takes days or weeks, but now it's possible in minutes and with a few clicks in the CODA Footprint platform.

MSP Service Delivery Models

If you’re an MSP you can deliver Vulnerability Management services through CODA Footprint to your customers in two ways:

Fully Managed

In a fully managed setup, the MSP performs all the heavy lifting and their customers only get the results. MSPs are receiving and responding to alerts to fix the vulnerabilities according to their Managed Services SLA with End-Users.

  1. Create a Managed Account for your Customer
  2. Discover assets & deploy agents
  3. Verify assessment results
  4. Remediate if necessary
  5. Present updated & evolution reports to your Customer
  6. Get notifications when customer security posture changes

Invite the Customer to access his Footprint Dashboard any time after action item no. 3.

Self Services

Under this delivery model, end customers manage their cyber risk and decide how to fix them and when to involve MSPs in remediation by choosing to ask for help directly on the platform. MSPs can then assemble their action plan.

  1. Invite existing or new customers to perform a preliminary check-up
  2. Monitor their progress using the Sales Pipeline
  3. Verify overall risk level using the Sales Pipeline
  4. Convert them to paying customers
  5. Receive notifications when customers require your help & engage in remediation

Convert them to Fully Managed accounts at any convenient time.

How can you DELIVER it? How can you deliver a Vulnerability Management solution in 1 hour?

Choose your hosting

Choose your hosting type: public cloud, private cloud, hosted by us

Choose your domain

e.g. https://footprint.mvmsp.com

Environment setup

Prepare your environment & install Footprint (15 min)

Customize it

Branding, logos, contact points, admins, etc (15 min)


You’re live!