// Compliance Monitoring

Monitor your assets for lapses in compliance with CODA Footprint​

CODA Footprint continuously monitors your assets for lapses in compliance and will notify you quickly to reduce risk and exposure. 

Through continuous scanning with Footprint, you and your team can track the success of your improvement efforts and ensure you’re never caught flat-footed.

Policy Compliance

Use our out-of-the-box monitoring to ensure your devices are well within compliance and you are not left “red-faced” after a 3rd party audit or breach.

Quickly identify and prevent configuration drift with our automated platform which helps you conform to industry standards for OS’s, devices, and apps. 

Customize and deliver reports to document and track your remediation efforts.

Security Configuration Assessment

Protect your data, comply with regulations, and secure your digital transformation initiatives with real-time configuration assessments from CODA Footprint.

Empower your organization with continuous and automated scanning of your IT assets in the cloud, on-prem, or through your mobile device to align with various security standards or frameworks (such as PCI, HIPAA, NIST CSF or CMMC to name just a few).

Automation for Multiple Vendors

CODA Footprint reduces the effort it takes to manage large amounts of device configurations in a heterogeneous network.

With Footprints automation capabilities, you can simplify processes such as highlighting configuration errors and devices that aren’t backed up.

With CODA, you can monitor compliance on your entire digital footprint:

Operating Systems

Installed Software

Running Services

Cloud Assets & Containers

Endpoint Configurations

Network Device Configurations

Whether it’s PCI, HIPAA, SOX, ISO, or GDPR, CODA Footprint has your back with continuous monitoring, reporting, recommendations for remediation, and remediation tracking.

See for yourself how CODA Footprint can help you reduce your attack surface in minutes

Explore how CODA Footprint can help you streamline your cybersecurity operations and compliance efforts, by offering you accurate, realtime, risk insights into your organization’s security posture allowing you to focus on that one action that would make your organization a harder target.