Protect your company against security breaches. Maximum insights with minimum effort.

CODA Footprint is an artificial intelligence-based, cloud-agnostic, easy to use Vulnerability Management platform. 

It reduces operational overhead while delivering continuous insights. CODA Footprint offers actionable intelligence into threats & cybersecurity risks.

Why should vulnerability management rank on top of your business strategy?

Each SME breach costs between $1 to $2.5 million in recovery and losses

Making Threat and Vulnerability Management a top priority for your business-critical applications will allow you to always remain one step ahead of a hacker.

Cybercriminals turn their attention to SMEs, whose systems and networks are much easier to breach as a result of lax security

With a smart Vulnerability Management Solution, you can automate the discovery of vulnerabilities that, if left unchecked, could quickly become a significant business risk for your customer.

SME companies will most likely face reputational and legal costs if an attack should occur

It’s in your interest to make sure you protect your valuable business data against potential fraud or identity theft to maintain your business’ reputation and avoid regulatory fines.

// Designed to offer you Actionable Security Insights into Compliance & Cybersecurity Risks

Explore CODA Footprint Key Capabilities

Fully-automated continuous auditing

Automate the discovery of security flaws within your websites, business applications, network, or cloud infrastructure.

the Business Risks

AI-translated technical vulnerabilities into business risk insights & risk prioritization relevant to your business profile and compliance requirements.

Live dashboards
& Reporting

Easy to use, to understand, and to act upon the insights and generated reports. Discover vulnerabilities, emerging threats, and check the progress of remediation.

Risk Prioritization & Contextualization

Classifies and prioritizes threats based on their true risk to your business.

& Perspectives

Starting with business executives and finishing with engineering teams, they all have dedicated UX.

Realtime Alerts
& Notifications

Threat intelligence delivered with real-time alerts that let you know critical issues as they happen, ensuring your business and your systems remain operational.

There’s more than
a high performance
Threat Intelligence solution

Everything we do around the CODA Footprint solution is centered on our mission to make cybersecurity available to every business. Due to the lack of human and financial resources for comprehensive cybersecurity, more and more companies become the favorite target of cybercriminals. We are here to change the enterprise-level cybersecurity status quo, making it  Accessible, Affordable, and Actionable for businesses of all sizes.

See for yourself what
CODA Footprint can do to accelerate your business growth

Explore how CODA Footprint can streamline your cybersecurity-related operations, enhance productivity and efficiency across the entire business so you can become more profitable.