Meet the Vulnerability Management Platform designed specifically for Managed Service Providers.

CODA Footprint is a cloud-agnostic vulnerability management solution designed for MSPs that want to take costs and complexities out of their services. CODA Footprint offers actionable intelligence into threats & cybersecurity risks.

Why should vulnerability management rank on top of your MSP business strategy?

Digital incidents may cost your customers $200,000 on average.

Making threat and vulnerability management a top priority is a must for all your clients.

84% of businesses that don’t currently use an MSP would consider hiring one if they offered the ‘right’ cybersecurity solution.

Making threat and vulnerability management a top priority is a must for all your clients.

Cybersecurity is now a determining factor in whether your customer will continue using your services.

Now is the time to bring your cybersecurity services up to speed, bridge the vulnerability management skills and talent gap, and upgrade your offerings.

Win the competition

If you’re not providing your customers with threat intelligence services, you’ll run into competition from MSPs that do, and you’ll likely lose. Most businesses won’t stop searching until they find the right MSP partner that addresses their security concerns.

Scale your services

With high automation & orchestration our unique Vulnerability Management platform offers unparallelled insights into your customer’s cyber security on a continuous basis, with as little effort as it gets.

Reduce liability

74% of businesses would take legal action against their MSPs in the event of an attack. As an MSP, you must expect to be held somewhat accountable if your clients suffer a cyberattack.

// Designed to help you drive towards more revenue and grow your MSP business with confidence

Explore CODA Footprint Key Capabilities

Marketing & Sales

Quickly onboard new customers
Create and manage sales opportunities
Never miss the next step for up-selling


Ramp-up your Monthly Recurring Revenue
Tap into new revenue streams
Simplify creating and sending invoices


Use native integrations with large MSP platforms
Easy deployment and maintenance

Dashboards for real-time insights

Gain full visibility into your sales pipeline
Fix security issues before your customers even know they happened

There’s more than
a high performance
Threat Intelligence solution

Everything we do around the CODA Footprint solution is centered on your MSP’s need to accelerate business growth. More than that, we are there every step of the way, from deployment and implementation to training and knowledge transfer to the ongoing technical support of that platform.

  • Leverage our AI to increase your team’s impact
  • Add new revenue streams by integrating Footprint into your current managed services portfolio
  • Boost your current services and product sales through increased customer awareness, satisfaction, and automated presales
  • Access new customers using our inbound and outbound marketing capabilities
  • Built for MSPs: Brand it, host it, own it! Dedicated MSP Console. Cloud-agnostic. Multi-tenant.

Why MSPs like yours already love the CODA Footprint solution?

Channel Driven
Covering sales, presales, and technical materials including detailed how-to configuration guides for remediation on the most relevant products and technologies;
  • Ready to deliver immediately or within minutes from your own cloud;
  • Native Integration with MSP- dedicated tools: PSM, RMM, SIEM, etc.
Truly Multi-Tenant
Manage all your customers using the dedicated MSP Console. Same UX for your engineers, finance, sales, presales, and support teams.
  • Flexible deployment models for Customers – internal & external scans.
  • Zero-Touch Installation
  • Instant Provisioning for partners
Cloud Native
Running in your cloud of choice: AWS, Azure, GCP, Oracle Cloud, your Private Clou,d or CODA Cloud. You own all data.
  • Solid VRM core: Agentless and Agent-Based Scan Engines.
  • AI-driven: Decisions based on Machine Learning and Threat Intelligence Correlations.

See for yourself what
CODA Footprint can do to accelerate your business growth

Explore how CODA Footprint can streamline your cybersecurity-related operations, enhance productivity and efficiency across the entire business so you can become more profitable.