// Borderless Asset Management

Expand your asset management capabilities across borderless networks

Discover all of your assets, track changes across your perimeter, benchmark configuration policies, and secure your environment against outside and inside threats with a fully hosted cloud-based solution: CODA Footprint.

With quick and easy deployment, CODA Footprint will manage your borderless network assets and eliminate shadow IT. We’ll scale with you as your network grows in size and complexity, across any Cloud/IoT/Mobile/BYOD hybrid landscape.

// Visibility is the Key to Security

Detection, inventory management, asset information & advanced search

With CODA Footprint you’ll benefit from continuous  detection and inventory management for all your known and unknown assets. Footprint also provides granular  information on your WebApps and IT services, as well as monitor hardware/software support lifecycles. With our Live Technical Dashboards, configuration details on your assets are just a click away. 

24x7 Change & Configuration Monitoring

CODA Footprint continuously monitors your network, systems and applications for vulnerabilities, takeovers, or misconfigurations. For example you’ll know exactly when a new port was opened in the firewall, or a change was made in your DNS.

Automated Discovery

CODA Footprint provides you with round-the-clock mapping, profiling, and asset classification for your entire network. Thus, you will have a far better grasp on your attack surface. Discovery consolidates both agentless and agent-based perspectives, reducing any blind spots.

Asset Recommendations

By leveraging our reconnaissance engine, Footprint will provide recommendations of assets we’ve discovered as running within your digital environment, or being related to assets we’ve already discovered.

Infrastructure Hierarchy

CODA Footprint automatically creates a virtual hierarchical model of your entire infrastructure. Starting with Organizations, Networks, Devices, Applications. Apps are further detailed into: Operating Systems, Local Software, Network Services, Web Apps, Runtimes, Packages.

Asset Grouping

Footprint automatically groups assets based on their mapping to well known business and technical services. You can also define your own tags to automatically generate asset groups based on your own requirements. Footprint uses Machine Learning to learn from your interactions, so that the baseline definitions become more personal over time. 

Baselines, Anomalies and Evolution

Footprint locks in your configuration baselines and automatically detects changes within your network, device or application configurations. It automatically generates new alerts for any anomalies identified, as well as tracks their evolution over time, helping you investigate those changes. Detailed software specific assessments are available through OVAL configuration baselines.  

Automated and Flexible collection methods

CODA Footprint Automated Discovery

Our automated asset tracking system provides you with up-to-date details for all your managed and unmanaged devices. Using both agentless and agent-based monitoring, CODA Footprint leaves no stone unturned.

CODA Footprint uses non-intrusive methods that allow you to continuously scan your entire network with no impact on your device or application performance. This allows for 24/7/365 monitoring to ensure you are aware of any potential for outside and inside threats.

See for yourself how CODA Footprint can help you reduce your attack surface in minutes

Explore how CODA Footprint can help you streamline your cybersecurity operations and compliance efforts, by offering you accurate, realtime, risk insights into your organization’s security posture allowing you to focus on that one action that would make your organization a harder target.