Who is CODA Intelligence?

CODA Intelligence is a cloud agnostic cyber security solution designed specifically to take the cost and complexity out of vulnerability management from the SMB market.

What makes CODA different?

CODA Intelligence uses artificial intelligence and supervised machine learning to offer a platform designed for the  MSP with a white-label Vulnerability Management Solution that is easy to deploy, easy to use and easy to maintain with current staff.

CODA's Partner Enablement platform for MSPs.

The CODA platform is MSP ENABLED so partners can provide their clients a proactive solution to manage and mitigate risk.  The MSP owns the relationship with their client and all MRR associated with cloud consumption, managed and professional services.

The CODA Solution for MSPs

CODA is designed for the SMB market with the target size between 300 to 3000 agents.

MSPs can use the white-labeled solution to offer vulnerability management as a service to their customers.

Footprint is a white-label solution that enables MSPs to control the customer relationship and all subscription, cloud consumption, professional and managed services that generate MRR.

Cloud agnostic.               Multi-tenant.

White-label.                    Easy to understand.

Easy to deploy.               Easy to maintain.

Get a Demo.

Managed Services Providers (MSPs) can contact us for a short presentation and demo to see how CODA can significantly increase you MRR while providing a valuable service for your SMB customers.