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CODA Footprint provides comprehensive vulnerability management and assessments that demonstrates your value to your clients.

As a trusted advisor to your clients, you know that offering complete visibility into your clients’ assets and vulnerabilities is a requirement, not a want, in today’s environment where ransomware attacks and cyber exploits are the daily headlines.

The CODA Intelligence Footprint solution is specifically built to provide end-to-end vulnerability management for your SMB clients. You can be confident in assuring your clients won’t get a call at 3 am about a breach or ransomware attack that could have been prevented had you known about your client’s vulnerabilities first.

Footprint is also purposefully designed with your business in mind—it’s simple to use, easy to install, and crafted to reduce your operating expenses and increase your margins per subscriber.

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Why do MSPs Love CODA Footprint?

As an MSP, you are the keepers of keys to your client’s digital assets. CODA Footprint is purpose-built for you—the trusted custodians who focus on prevention, not just the cure.

Easy ramp-up of new clients

Footprint is turnkey, making it a breeze to get up and running in minutes, unlike other security scanning platforms that take days or weeks to deploy. Client onboarding is quick and painless and doesn’t require a truck roll to your client’s office.

Cloud-based, single-interface deployment

No hardware is required. Deploy Footprint as an agent or agentless vulnerability management scanner and manage your client’s security exposure through a single pane of glass.

Multi-tenant management

Monitor multiple clients in a single, easy-to-understand dashboard, with role-based account control from your Security Operations Center down to your client’s cloud and on-premise assets.

Billing parity to improve cash flow

Footprint subscription fees are based on consumption and billed in arrears. Finally, you can be billed the way you bill your clients, thus allowing you to free up cashflow.

Streamlined cybersecurity operations

AI-assisted functionality automates complicated tasks, enhancing productivity and efficiency across your MSP business. Now, you’re freed up to focus on higher priorities that carry a greater risk to your client’s business.

White-label capability

Build your brand by using your logo and company graphics on Footprint’s online portal and emailed reports.  Your clients will recognize your MSP seal and be confident they are in good hands.

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The Service Manager’s Dream Come True: Maximum insights. Minimum effort.

The CODA Footprint platform makes it easy to demonstrate the value of your cyber-security service. Simply…

The dashboard will not only identify vulnerabilities but also prioritize each based on the financial exposure for your client’s business.

Need to see it to believe it?

Five Ways CODA Footprint Helps You Master Cybersecurity


The Footprint automated AI engine provides state-of-the-art vulnerability detection and continuous assessment of your client’s security posture. That means you are always in the know and can stay ahead of potential threats.


Footprint identifies known and unknown assets present in the network and sends immediate alerts, or periodic updates, of critical threats and new vulnerabilities. You can now keep your finger on the pulse and not get hit by blind spots.


Supervised AI machine learning does the thinking for you—Footprint accurately identifies, rates, and prioritizes the riskiest exposed assets in each client’s environment. The platform then issues recommendations to prevent potential cyber-attacks. This removes the guesswork and allows you to focus on mission-critical assets first.


CODA Footprint Action Plans help remediate vulnerabilities quickly by patching systems and applying configuration hardening easily and efficiently. You’re not left guessing if your patches were applied, and you can get your client back to running what they know best – their business.   


Footprint monitors client assets for lapses in compliance and notifies you so that you can reduce risk and exposure to your client, thus enabling you to meet not only cyber-hygiene best-practices but also compliance mandates. Automated customer vulnerability reports support historical, trend, and compliance tracking, as well as deep forensics intelligence.

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